Cross-stitch. The material is cotton. Floss threads, 65 colors are used in the work. The size of the product 167cm*35cm, image size 157cm*27cm. The size of each cross is 2mm*2mm. Embroidery is perfect for the head of the bed. The plot (old European town) and neutral colors are in perfect harmony with any interior. Handmade, cut products are processed with overlock. The beginning of work on September 10, 2017, the end of work on March 15, 2018. The first embroidered works appeared in prehistoric times and served to decorate and protect people and their homes from evil and disease. Since then, embroidery never goes out of fashion. Therefore, this type of art is on a par with painting and sculpture.

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Embroidery " European town"

Year 2017-2018

ID: ON0004

19 march 2018, 13:52 +1
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