Stock photo Old Beach from the series Beaches of Montenegro by Vladimir Schukin artist. This image is available for download in jpeg format, with a resolution of 5616x3744 pixels. The beach season only opened and on this warm June evening on the old beach there are not many people at all. The peak of the season is still ahead and rare tourists are comfortably accommodated on free wooden deckchairs. Soft light at sunset erases clear edges in the distance and creates a romantic atmosphere for pleasant communication. The plot is dominated by subdued shades of warm brown and cold blue. Buy the right to use this and other high quality images can be in our photobank. Unique image collections of contemporary artists on the landscape's theme are exclusively sold here at affordable prices and on favorable terms of use.

avatar of the user vladimir Photographer - Vladimir Schukin

Old beach

Year 2011

ID: VS0137

18 february 2018, 17:20 0

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