In 1994, Eugene Gradova continues her journey through Staraya Ladoga and writes a new Oil painting in the usual for the artist academic style. Small size of the picture 35.5 × 50.5 cm allows the artist to painting the nature in the open air, which of course facilitates the accurate transmission of color shades. The plot of this picture tells of a modest and an original life in the Russian village about the morals and spiritual values of the Russian people. At first glance the gray and faded colors of village houses are conspicuous only. At first of all the reason is a very small income of people living in the village. Not every host able to build a large and safe house and even more difficult can make it beautiful. But let's still try to read the autor's plot what the artist himself writes about the life of the Russian people. It is difficult do not notice in the foreground of the picture a table with a white tablecloth and a vase of flowers. Simple the bench offers to sit down even to an uninvited guest. Of course, all this speaks about Russian hospitality and kind soul of a person, even if not rich in money. Than are rich, that and are glad - so they say in Russia! Bright flowers in the foreground of the picture, planted along the gray fence talk about the desire of man to decorate his home in any affordable way. White window frames in a large gray house in front tell the viewer about the same – clean the moral beauty of the people living there. Small bird house created by hands of person and placed by the artist at the top left in the background of the picture emphasizes a caring attitude to nature and for future generations. In general, the composition of this picture has a lot of details on which it is not at so difficult to create an opinion about the way of life of people living in a Russian village on Staraya Ladoga. Modest gray-green color scheme composition also speaks of the Russian character. Modesty decorates a person - so often you can hear in these parts. An experienced viewer will certainly be able to read all this himself on this picture and though a little more close to understanding the Russian soul. This original painting is stored in the author's collection and does not have copies and sales history. Also available for sale reproductions of this painting in a limited edition with the author's signature.

avatar of the user EugeneyaGradova Artist - Evgeniya Gradova

Staraya Ladoga

Year 1994

ID: EG0007

21 august 2018, 18:17 0

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  1. Анна Николаева 17 september 2018, 12:53 # 0
    Good picture and interesting story!

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