Composition  The first step is made in the whiteness of lighting, similar to a fairytale fog shades. Subtle muted colors, notable only on the girl's face is coming in the real world from the hazy oblivion, only emphasizing the sincerity of her experiences in the upcoming no easy fight for a fair life. The beauty of her young nude body harmoniously shrouded in haze, pushes out the controversial topic of temptation in the far distant background This first photo is part of a large series of  The secret of Step 12  art-project. In this project, the author raises the question of women's society - whether the woman is able to think intelligently, be reasonable and wise, to rule the world of men and the world order to solve global problems, or it is intended to be only an object of man's love and procreate? It is no secret that the beauty can be different, and sometimes intellectual beauty, reason and logic are much more expressive most extraordinary, perfect appearance. The project was created on the remote grounds Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland and proposes to continue the game of chess and imagine what happened after the 11 - th move. In 2015, this photo has participated in the success of the examination session at the European Qualification photographer - FEP, Derby, United Kingdom.

avatar of the user vladimir Photographer - Vladimir Schukin

The first step

Year 2012

ID: VS0004

04 november 2016, 03:01 0

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