Sometimes, we are separated from the long-awaited success only with a few steps or three steps, as in the same named black and white photography of Vladimir Schukin artist. This is 5 of the 6 photos in the series "Horse choice", where the young horse Dada and the blonde Percy in harmonious movement with a charming stranger in white are going to find the comfortable place for a morning breakfast. The composition of this photo is based on the repeated rhythm of the steps of horses and man, their similarity. This plot as an symbolizes to viewer about the simple possibility of a successful existence of man and nature and that to be kind is not at all difficult even very pleasant! After all, it is available to everyone human!

Young Horse Dada and the beautiful blonde Percy live in the north of…to now more

This digital image was not published yet and does not have a print's history. Buy this photography can only in hard copy and in a limited edition with the artist's signature.

avatar of the user vladimir Photographer - Vladimir Schukin

Three steps

Year 2017

ID: VS0152

22 march 2018, 14:00 0

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