The original author's photography - Revolution 17, was created in the summer of 2017 on the shores of Ladoga Lake in the village of Lahdenpohja, the Republic of Karelia. The production of this photography took place in real conditions and lasted more than 2 hours. Later the image was digitally processed in the style of poster graphics of the early 20th century. The idea of this plot is in the contemporary attitude of the author to the events that took place 100 years ago which happend in revolutionary Russia and calls the viewer to remember these contradictory events. The composition of the photography is based on a harmonious comparison of contrasting shapes and similarity of lines. The impression of this photo very much depends on the individual characteristics of the visual perception, the imaginative thinking of the viewer. This composition is not simple and requires a balanced designer's solution. The successful placement of this work in the interior will create a truly unique room. This photo is published for the first time and can sale in a limited edition with the author's signature.

avatar of the user vladimir Photographer - Vladimir Schukin

Revolution 17

Year 2017

ID: VS0157

02 april 2018, 20:46 0

1. Choose Format


Open print. Each copy numbered

4800 RUB


Limited Edition 500 copies

8000 RUB


Limited Edition 300 copies

12800 RUB


Limited Edition 200 copies

28000 RUB


Limited Edition 100 copies

80000 RUB

2. Choose paper


Fuji paper is a photo paper



Paper Epson just a paper



print on canvas

1600 RUB

3. Decor

without decor


Mounting, gluing on reinforced foam cartonboard thickness of 5mm

1120 RUB

Mounting, gluing on reinforced foam cartonboard thickness of 5mm, with decoration in passepartout in according to the format

1760 RUB

Stretch canvas on stretcher

800 RUB

4. Passe-partout

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  1. Анна Николаева 08 august 2018, 13:54 # 0
    Фотография действительно очень красивая и необычная, такую на кухню не повесишь))) Мне кажется её можно повесить в библиотеке
    1. Владимир Щукин 09 august 2018, 11:50 # 0
      Спасибо, Анна! Вы видите глубоко. В библиотеке… так и до музея добраться можно)

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