The wonder - this is the third photo by Vladimir Schukin project - Renaissance. The main idea of the project dicover the ability of a person who does not have an attractive appearance but the way to perform real miracles. Thanks to the insight of the mind and high intelligence, you can change the world around us and achieve a decent and Solomonic life, not only for yourself, but also for those who believe in you. The first miracles that occur in this plot, where with the help of logic comes an understanding of the world order and timid attempts to control the world around it. A magnificent debut, similar to the beginning of a game of chess, creates intrigue which involving to the game. The photography's composition, built on the contrasting elements of the image, carries the viewer into the wonderful black and white world. This stylish image is perfect for decorating the interior of cafes, hotels and office rooms. The exclusive right to sell photos belongs to the Art-revolver gallery in a limited edition and with the author’s signature.

avatar of the user vladimir Photographer - Vladimir Schukin

The wonder

Year 2014

ID: VS0069

19 october 2018, 23:39 0

1. Choose Format


Open print. Each copy numbered

4800 RUB


Limited Edition 500 copies

8000 RUB


Limited Edition 300 copies

12800 RUB


Limited Edition 200 copies

28000 RUB


Limited Edition 100 copies

80000 RUB

2. Choose paper


Fuji paper is a photo paper



Paper Epson just a paper



print on canvas

1600 RUB

3. Decor

without decor


Mounting, gluing on reinforced foam cartonboard thickness of 5mm

1120 RUB

Mounting, gluing on reinforced foam cartonboard thickness of 5mm, with decoration in passepartout in according to the format

1760 RUB

Stretch canvas on stretcher

800 RUB

4. Passe-partout

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